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alauda is a scientific study group and office for landscape-ecological investigations and data analyses, resident in Hamburg (Northern Germany). alauda offers services concerning spatial development concepts, nature conservation, site development of special locations and environmental impact assessment studies at all planning levels.


Concerning these issues, we are conducting initial surveys of flora and fauna on land, at sea and airborne. The alauda team consists mainly of ecologically experienced biologists. Integrating land uses and avoid possible environmental conflicts we are collaborating with geologists, geographers, planners and jurists to find out individual solutions. We are also consulting innovative ways of sustainable development.

According to our coastal location
between North Sea and Baltic Sea we are specialized of working in coastal regions and we have acquired methodical knowledges since more than twenty years. A main emphasis of our work in the last years lied on the environmentally compatible integration of wind energy use into the landscape structures onshore and offshore. The experience and competence of our team reaches, however, far beyond these narrower fields of activity.


A synergistic and cost-effective way of working allows to offer our services at reasonable conditions without any restrictions.


Our biological basic research is extended to special scientific projects. In this field we are working in collaboration with university partners in Germany (Bonn, Hamburg, Kiel), Spain (Vigo, Pontevedra), USA (Santa Clara, California), Canada (Ottawa) and Peru (Lima).


The founders and responsible managers of alauda  are Olaf Kühnast and Joachim Hoffmann. Both are experienced biologists and members of several scientific organizations as well as of advisory boards. For years the latter worked, among other things, as a lecturer in the Museum of Natural History of the University of San Marcos (Peru).


alauda  has developed different census techniques and assessment methods or was involved in their development which are nowadays a general standard (see publications and references).



Spectrum of work and services


Our surveys and assessments mainly focuses on research, monitoring and data analysis in marine, terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems. There we are conducting

  • botanical and faunistic recordings
  • avifaunistic recordings in special assessments
  • habitat mapping
  • analysis and evaluation of field data

Our services typically includes or are involved in


  • environmental impact assessment studies
  • frameworks in landscape planning
  • conservation and development concepts
  • grid mapping
  • disturbance evaluation
  • baseline studies
  • FFH-impact assessments
  • feasibility studies
  • solutions related to problems arising within individual projects
  • data bank management and data analyses
  • consulting and survey coordination
  • programs concerning protection of species (i.e. red data lists)
  • quality control of approval documents
  • basic research

Please, contact us for more information (see “Kontakt”).









































































































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